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3-Part Design Process

Marcia Fryer Landscape Design is a small design firm that prides itself on creating a partnership of collaboration with clients to develop and build unique, individualized landscape reflecting the homeowners tastes and desires, and integrating these into the existing architecture and site conditions.  Marcia uses a 3-Part Design Process to achieve this with her clients.

Marcia Fryer Landscape Designs | Process | Step 1 | Comprehensive Master Landscape Plan

Comprehensive Master Landscape Plan

Marcia Fryer Landscape Designs | Process | Step 2 | Site Analysis

Property Site Analysis

Marcia Fryer Landscape Designs | Process | Step 3 | Team Collaboration & Communication

Team Collaboration & Communication

Part One: Comprehensive Master Landscape Plan

To design a Comprehensive Master Landscape Plan, through collaboration and interpretation of the client's desires and landscaping needs.

Part Two: Property Site Analysis

Specializing in site analysis and interpretation of specific parts of the property:

  • The Arrival - entrances, driveways, walkways, courtyards

  • The Perimeter - patios, pergolas, porches, outdoor fireplaces, pools, perennial beds, herb gardens, water features

  • The Destinations & Site Lines - focal points, vistas, statuary

Part Three: Team Collaboration & Communication

Availability and attention to detail by the designer at all times, including collaboration with clients and contractors to ensure the client's vision is achieved. Our high attention to detail throughout the entire process (including development and construction) results in a beautiful property that meets and exceeds all of the clients criteria for the project.