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Child Friendly Backyard

What do you want to do in your backyard?

When a family moved to a new home, the interior renovations weren’t their only things on their “Home Improvement List.”  This family had a vision for extending their useful square footage for their active family into the hilly backyard.

The Landscape Design Inspiration: 

  • Create a child-friendly backyard with multiple garden walls

  • Design an outdoor fireplace with new patio replacing old deck

  • Create space for swings

  • Ease of maintenance

Perennial Plantings:

Nothing makes a gorgeous yard more enjoyable than mother nature doing most of your work. Marcia worked with this family to add layers of lush greenery and pops of color that come back year after year,  as well as a brick retaining wall to separate active play space from backdrop beauty.

Marcia Fryer Landscape Designs | Child Friendly Backyard | Perrenials.png

Hardscape Movement:

To add direction and movement to the terraced lawn, Marcia incorporated brick stairs into the layers of useful space.

Marcia Fryer Landscape Designs | Child Friendly Backyard | Terraced.png

Outdoor Fireplace:

Because who doesn’t enjoy cozy time around the fire - Check out this structural brick outdoor fireplace perfect for fall and winter marshmallow roasting.  

Marcia Fryer Landscape Designs | Child Friendly Backyard | Outdoor Fireplace.png

Have you given your family’s outdoor living space much thought? Maybe you should think how some landscape updates could help you encourage your kids to be outside more and off their screens. Perhaps it would even help you… Nature is such a wonderful gift.

Reach out to Marcia to learn how she could help you incorporate more outdoor living through thoughtful landscape design.